About all the different hats I've worn in the last few years!

Web Developer


June 2021 – Present

I work in the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services as a web developer interacting as the point person for all website work. Current projects include department website redesigns and making the websites informational and easy to use for all the different kinds of users we have.

Tools I typically use: Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, VS Code, Chrome Developer Tools, Omni CMS editor

Deliverables: Redesigned department + college websites for better user experience

Skills I practice: UX research, website performance testing, accessibility, rapid prototyping, HTML, CSS

Jr. Frontend Developer & UX Analyst


January 2021 – May 2021

I was brought on board to help Tsurumi America transition to ecommerce amidst the pandemic. I bring user experience design knowledge and frontend development expertise to an already established marketing team of visual designers. My focus is on accessibility, readability, and making sure that we deliver a consistent experience across all our products. On any given day, I spot UX issues, edit CSS in Chrome Developer Tools, and present the design changes backed by research and understanding of human-centered design.

Tools I typically use: Adobe XD, VS Code, Chrome Developer Tools, CIMcloud CMS editor, MS Excel

Final deliverable: New ecommerce website and customer experience within CIMcloud

Skills I practice: UX analysis, rapid prototyping, HTML, CSS, and JS coding

Entrepreneurial Intern


February 2020 – May 2020

As I was starting the last semester of college, a cool opportunity came up at Illinois Wesleyan: Entrepreneurial Internship. A cross-functional team of interns was formed to carry out the research and ideation phase of Bretford’s product management lifecycle. I worked on the team responsible for rolling out the next version of Bretford’s flagship products, the TechGuard Connect Charging Lockers. My contribution to the team included user research and market research to find customer pain points and researching viable technical solutions that could be integrated with Bretford’s lockers. More on it here.

Tools I used: Slack, Google Spreadsheets

Final deliverable: Market Research Document

Skills I developed: Market Research, User Research, Interviewing, Technical Research

Research Fellow


May 2019 – August 2019

The summer before senior year, I applied for a research fellowship within the community development category of State Farm’s Research Program for Illinois Wesleyan student researchers (State Farm Summer Innovation Research Fellowship). I won one of 6 fellowships awarded that summer. This project included interviewing members of the City of Bloomington, reviewing literature on housing revitalization and community development, and helping communicate insights from raw survey data to non-technical stakeholders like WBRP board members. Case study here.

Tools I used: Jupyter Notebooks, Google Colab, ArcGIS

Final deliverable: PDF Document with Data Analysis and Visualizations + Literature Review

Skills I developed: Research (sociology), Interviewing, Python programming, Data Analysis and Visualization

Student Web Developer


August 2019 – April 2020

During my senior year of college, I also worked in the IT department as the point of contact for all website-related issues. I collaborated with internal departments to debug code, often interacting with non-technical audience, maintained test and live environments, and implemented solutions using Git. Part of my job was also giving UI design recommendations and implementing website layout changes (XML, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP) on OU Campus (OmniUpdate), one of the most common content management systems in higher education. I also helped E-sports at IWU set up a WordPress website, focusing on integrating IWU’s branding guidelines with that of E-sports.

Tools I used: VS Code, OU Campus, WordPress, Git

Final deliverables: Esports website, ongoing design and functionality changes on the college website

Skills I developed: Troubleshooting and debugging code, Git version control, collaborating with technical and non-technical people, UI design


Design and Research

UX design
UX Research
Market Research
Interaction Design
Rapid Prototyping



Data Analysis


Work Style


Team Player

Taking Ownership