Dining Services App Redesign

This app for a school’s dining services offers busy students a quick lookup of the menu for a day. Menu from the dining services is updated only for two weeks at a time. Similar to the UI design on home page, I experimented with soft UI in this project.

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Project Overview

As a regular user of Sodexo’s dining services app, I found addressing the improvements that could be made interesting to begin with, not to mention, the influx of user input I received through friends and classmates contributed to effective feedback on my design. I knew one thing for sure – the app had a market – and it would have been used more often by students if it had a better interface and user experience.


Focus Areas:

  • Color theory
  • Typography
  • Visual design
  • Content and functional requirements


Although I had noticed some issues with the interface and wanted to address those, a great user experience only comes from customer insights and user needs. So I reached out to friends and asked them about their experience with the current app over dinner, brunch, homework time, TA hours, and whenever I could have a minute with someone I knew would love a better experience with the app. 

From my research, I realized that one pain point was interacting with the staff and providing feedback for a specific meal. Something that I found out would also be beneficial for the users was a concept of notifications. The user could sign up to get notified whenever a particular meal was on the menu so they could plan their meals and day accordingly. I also realized that many current users are also vegetarian, and the one feature that could make the app more efficient was filtering dishes by vegetarian / non-vegetarian categories. 


User Flow Design

Visual Design


Font family: Lato

Font colors: Green, Dark Gray, Orange

Color Scheme