A generalist currently working on eCommerce experiences.

I graduated with a major in Computer Science (and a creative writing minor) in May 2020. Currently I work as a Frontend Developer for a manufacturing company transitioning from tradition sales to an e-commerce model. In this role, I act as both the UX Analyst and the UI programmer and work on B2B experiences.

My passions range from designing to coding, running, reading non-fiction, and last but not the least, writing poetry! I owe many things I do on a daily basis to my creative writing minor and strong liberal arts background. Take user experience for example — my passion for amazing user experiences comes primarily from there. Academically trained to write contemporary American poetry, I’d always think about ways in which I could deliver an amazing reading and/or listening experience to an audience. I love applying the same thought process and creativity when it comes to thinking about users’ experience with a product. 

The other thing I learned from poetry? The power of iteration! Through all of my classes, I have created a better poem with each iteration and that’s a key skill I have carried with me into the design process. My creative process in poetry has allowed me to be more patient and strive to get the next better version of a piece out there — a crucial part of the product development process but also something new designers often forget.

As I look for the next opportunity, I am glad to have worked and found my passion in the digital experiences world. I seek opportunities that help me bring my technical knowledge, creative and strong problem-solving skills together to make meaningful applications for our community. If you want to talk design, poetry {and we can decide on what makes a good poem later:)}, data or technology, please reach out. I’m always open to conversations and exciting new challenges.

Send me an email at eva.nautiyal11@gmail.com or reach me on LinkedIn.

My gallery is typically filled with trails, pre-pandemic races, college memories, and sharing my poetry with a bigger community!