About me

Hi! I’m Eva. I write code and poems. Currently as a Computer Science student, I’m exploring the domain of technology through both back-end and front-end development to learn how we can create transformative applications for our community. On this website, you can look at some of my work in web design and poetry, as well as my journey as a Freeman Asia Intern

I am bilingual and I love reading books in Hindi and English. Initially, it was my love for storytelling that made me try writing. Gradually, I began to see the beauty in contemporary poetry and started using imagery. 

Design or art, in general, makes me feel the same way. My involvement in technology and arts made me want to learn web design. Subsequently, I learned back-end web development and worked on a freelance project for my high school. To make the best of my college education, I am continuously working on developing skills that I hope would merge at some point in my professional career. Skills that foster creativity are as important for me as the ones that entail logic. This website would serve as a step ahead in my journey of a potential software developer.

Last summer (2018), I interned for EarthRights International (Thailand Office), an NGO that works for human rights and social justice. This summer, I will analyze surveys conducted by the City of Bloomington over the last decade and help West Bloomington stakeholders identify how their investment has affected the condition of housing properties, thus, enhancing my research and data analysis skills. 

For any communication, you may reach me through the contact form on this website.