Hi! I’m Eva. I code, write poems and occasionally design. Currently as a Computer Science student, I’m exploring the domain of technology through both backend and front-end development. 

I am bilingual and I love reading fiction in both Hindi and English. I have a flair for poetry and art. What I have always valued the most in poetry is the connection readers feel when reading a poem. Though there has been a significant growth in my work over the years, I still value this connection. From writing about oppression and social justice issues to writing about seemingly frivolous poems that involve juxtaposition and imagery, I believe I have come a long way in poetry.

Words have immense power. What adds to this power in poetry, as I have learned recently, is the turn, the surprise. A turn is “a measure of energy” – a shift in thought that takes the poem in a new direction. Most of my poems include a turn, some huge and others small. The poems I have included here do not convey any message, perhaps, they don’t even have a meaning, but they leap from one idea to another, evidently connected. I also like delightful imagery and details in a poem.

Design or art, in general, makes me feel the same way. To make the best of my college education, I am continuously working on developing skills that I hope would merge at some point in my professional field. Skills that foster creativity are as important for me as the ones that entail logic. This website would serve as a step ahead in my journey of a potential writer.

Currently, I am working independently on a full-stack web development project for my alma mater, Choithram School in Indore, and I hope to put it on this website. You may reach me through the contact form on this website.

Download a copy of my resume.